Trainz Engine Editor
version 1.06b
by Mats "emges" Strid



TEE is a tool for Trainz that can create engine characteristics from real engine data. By tracing curves by freehand or even over a backdrop graph the data is entered just as it's showed in real graphs. It's also possible to create the data automatically by entering a few parameters. When finished creating the data just export it to Trainz directly in the engine's config file. 

Use realistic graphs like this one...


...to create realistic engine values that can be exported
directly to Trainz locomotives...


...or use the Autogeneration feature to automatically
create graphs from known parameters...


  • Easy editing by moving, adding and deleting data (node) points graphically in each notch curve. No typing is needed when entering data.

  • Can handle both throttle power and dynamic brake data. Up to 39 data nodes for each notch.

  • Autogeneration of throttle curves when just basic data of the engine is known.

  • Overlay train resistance curve for estimating max speed for different notches depending on train characteristics.

  • Calculate acceleration time between speeds. Calculation include: train weight, grade, starting resistance, wind resistance and more.

  • Load backdrop image of any graph image for convenient tracing.

  • Change colors and fonts in the graph.

  • Import and Export the engine data directly from/to the engine config file in Trainz.

  • Special TEE save format for work in progress.

  • Scaling with autoscale and selectable units for all entries. Preferred SI or English unit selection.

Changes to v1.06b

  • Grade Resistance/Speed and Starting resistance is now editable in the tee.cfg file under [Constants]. Starting resistance default to 20 lbf per ton under 5 mph speed. Grade resistance default to 26.5 lbf per ton per %. (In reality 20 is used but so far for an unknown reason 26.5 works better in Trainz)

Changes to v1.06

  • New calculation: Acceleration time between speed intervals. Calculation include: train weight, grade, starting resistance, wind resistance and more.

  • Grade and starting resistance added to resistance curve.

  • SI or English units preference.

  • TEE is now autogenerating a curve when selecting new and not loading a generic one. Set the maximum speed and force in the graph before selecting New.

  • New Save format: now preserves autogeneration and friction/acceleration values for throttle-power data. Compatible with earlier format.

  • Full vehicle area now entered together with a new shape modifier. No need to change the actual area value for engine or cars.

  • Train resistance & Acceleration menu item disabled when Dynamic Brake graph.

  • Fixed wrong values sometimes entered in train resistance.

  • Fixed skip of one node before last node in autogeneration. The nodes are now
    distributed evenly along the curve.


Download TEE v1.06b
(0.6 Mb)
For Windows 9X/2K/XP
Trainz UTC and SP3



Swedish Engine Realism Patch
version 3

A patch made with TEE to provide very realistic engine performance to many Swedish locos. Easy autoinstallation. Works even if not all locos in the patch are installed. 

Engines Patched:
X12/X14 (including dynamic brakes)
X2000 (including dynamic brakes)

The file world_cache_Dispatcher.chump in \Trainz\Cache must be deleted. If not the old cached versions will be used until any new asset (*.CDP) is installed.

(0.1 Mb)